Распространение информации о ценности биоразнообразия

В этом курсе вы научитесь эффективно рассказывать о важности природы для человечества и для здоровья планеты. Этот курс предназначен для того, чтобы помочь людям, не являющимся экспертами в данной области, интегрировать более эффективные навыки общения в свою работу.

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Этот курс не доступен на русском языке

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Mfon Lawrence

i enjoyed the course very much. May I have the materials in my mail please?

Kamal Kumar Rai

it is very good course. I am also looking the material for use and provide other learner. I am working on the communicating biodiversity journalism.

from Nepal

Ibrahim Lawan

I have completed the course and learnt a lot from it.
Can I get a soft copy of the course materials in PDF for future reference? Thank you.

Idris Umar Zungum

I had a great time learning about nature and i was particularly happy the module captured my area of interest.

simon mureu

I am having difficult with cklic here flash disck to start a coures

Gonzalo de la Fuente

Dear Julie,

I hope you are doing well. I want to ask you if I could have digital document with all information about the course because I like to underline the important ideas when I am studying.

Thanks for considering my request.


Julie Kapuvari

Dear Gonzalo,
We are so pleased to hear you would like to extract the important ideas from the course! I recommend copy and pasting the parts of the lesson that you would like to keep in your files for reference, since we do have have these lessons in PDF form and the lessons are meant to be interactive on the site. I hope you understand and thank you so much for being part of the LfN community!

Maryory Andrea Velado Cano

I really enjoyed and learned a lot through this course. I highly recommend people to do it

Beatriz Gomez

Hi, I just finished the course and would like to get a printable version for future reference. Is that possible?

Julie Kapuvari

Hi Beatriz,
Congratulations on completing the course! I suggest that you review the lessons again where you can copy and pasting the important parts of the lesson that you would like to keep for future reference. We do have have these lessons in PDF form since the lessons are meant to be interactive on the site. Thank you so much for being part of the LfN community!

Daniel Muñoz

Dear Course Coordinator,

I realize that taking this course in English is some sort of a handicap for me, so I would like to switch to Spanish (even though I specified in the registration that Spanish is my preferred language) but I never see the language option when starting Communicating the value of biodiversity and now I would like to start over.

Thanks for your help

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your comment. You can change the language of the course at any time by hovering over the Language button in the top bar (to the right of “About – e-Learning Opportunities – Groups”) of the page which says “English” and clicking “Espanol.” Please let us know if this works for you!

Carmela Patania

un bel corso