Картирование природы для людей и планеты в Уганде: вводный семинар




45 participants expected


13 May - 3 June 2020

Two-hour sessions


Содержание недоступно на русском языке

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Emmanuel Isabirye

It has been a thrilling experience and a great opportunity to learn and share with the experts. The ELSA Uganda project shall indeed be a success

José Filgueira López

Hola, encantado de conoceros a todos, y un enorme placer de aprender sobre la biodiversidad, especialmente de vuestros comentarios, un saludo desde Narón en España

Lea Phillips

So glad to be participating in this workshop with all of you! 🙂

Juliette Lindo

Can I still join? though I am one-week late already…

Francis Lopeyok Mosky

Wow, this is great then. I was about to feel safe that I missed a good opportunity but happy now. Thanks a lot