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This course introduces the concept of resilience and shows how you can use resilience assessments to address pressing conservation and development challenges. You will learn about the key steps for conducting resilience assessments, how to develop resilience assessments using existing frameworks, and how to use these results to develop effective sustainable development and conservation actions.
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Veira Pulekera

just completed this course. It gives me broader understanding of resilience and how this is reflected and useful in my work. also successfully downloaded my certificate.
Tgio tumas


looking forward to learn from the source.

Gonzalo Pérez

Hallo! I’m very happy to start this course.
Thank you so much

Gonzalo Pérez

Well, Thank you for this.

Collins Kenneth

Good evening,
I’m new here, hope I’m welcome?

Shruti Sharma

this is my completion ID [email protected]#5FZXM10033 but I can not able to download my certificate.
Please help me to get my certificate.

Shruti Sharma

I got my certificate. Thank you.
Have a nice day

Anicet Lossa Londjiringa

J’aime telecharger le cours . Comment le recevoir?

Julie Kapuvari

Chèr(e) @Anicet,

Veuillez vous inscrire au cours en cliquant sur le bouton bleu “s’inscrire” ci-dessus.


It was great completing this course.Quite an experience.

James Espathola SALOMON

Merci pour ce cours.
Je n’arrive pas a telecharger mon certificat.
Aide-moi SVP.

Julie Kapuvari

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James Espathola SALOMON

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Ajouter SALOMON au certificat pour moi svp.
Merci pour votre compréhension.

Tobechukwu Anuna

Very grateful for more insight on resilience assessment and how we can use the result for sustainable development especially for us in food security and livelihood system.