Разработка индекса многомерной бедности

В этом курсе вы научитесь разрабатывать целостный многомерный индекс бедности, который объединяет неравенство, основанное на доходах, с лишениями в здравоохранении, образовании, жилье, санитарии, занятости и средствах к существованию, продовольственной безопасности, окружающей среде и других жизненных стандартах для информирования о реализации Повестка дня в области устойчивого развития на период до 2030 года.

Этот курс не доступен на русском языке


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Joel O Olanipekun

I thank Lord Yahweh My Father for the completion of this great course. Thank you UNDP and OPHI.

Dr. Sudha Khokate

hello, how do i interact with the course coordinator ?

Julie Kapuvari

Hello! You may either comment here, or for a faster response, please email [email protected]


Pleasant Greetings ma’am

I had the privilege of completing the course on designing a MPI, a privilege that I’ll certainly cherish for long!

From a little that I infer, the MOCC does need a little improvement with the way it is structured.

1) The course isn’t conveniently accessible via a smartphone, the read only modules aren’t comfortable to work with. A quick recommendation to inspire from shall be UNITAR’S MOCC

2) The certificate that the participants receive doesn’t have the initials or the signature of the issuing authority. That’s one pointer after all which might help demarcate an actual credential from a dubious one.

Lastly, the course is certainly a boon in helping the masses understand the rising need of assessing the downtrodden.

Last edited 10 hours ago by KRIPAL MISHRA
Michael Aniekan Johnson

Hi Fellow Participants, we can connect and share ideas on developing an MPI for our various nations. We can connect with the link below

Amrinderjeet Singh

From where I will get my certificate number

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Amrinderjeet,
After you complete all course requirements (you click “Mark Complete” at each section and should see green checkmarks to the right of each module), you will see a button on the homepage that says “DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE.” Please let me know if this works for you.

NIYONZIMA Jean Baptiste

I am starting to study from introduction but you are telling me that i haven’t access.. as good as possible you have to make me being accepted and getting access


Julie Kapuvari

Dear Niyonzima,
After you click the “Enroll” button, you should be able to access all materials with in the course, and you can start at Week 1. Please let me know if this works for you!

lina gutierrez

Hi! I enrolled the course but there’s no video available for lesson 1. Anyone else having this issue?

Yash Shah

How to enroll the course??
There were no blue enroll button

Ahmad Syihan Mat Udin

Hi Ms. Julie,

I couldn’t click on the enrol button, its show “open course” in grey colour.

Ahmad Syihan Mat Udin

enrolled! thanks for the help

Kalimullah Sayedi

Dear Ms. Kapuvari,

The “Enroll” option is not available in my account.
Please, cooperate.


Priyanshu Yadav

DMPI MOOC is not opening, What can I do for It.

Priyanshu Yadav

Thank you very much