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    2018 New York Declaration Declaration on Forests Assessment

    This episode of the Nature for Development podcast features an interview with Ingrid Schulte of Climate Focus. Ingrid introduces the 2018 NYDF assessment, which assesses and highlights progress toward all ten NYDF goals of the New York Declaration on Forests, and highlights some of the key takeaways from this year’s report.
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    Advancing on REDD+

    This course discusses the elements of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), provides a deep understanding of the importance of engaging relevant stakeholders, and outlines the principles of good governance in the context of applying REDD+ at the national level. It is tailored to professionals who already have pre-existing knowledge of the principles of REDD+, or have completed the introductory course “Fundamentals on REDD+.”
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    COP25 from the Indigenous negotiators’ perspective

    В этом подкасте рассказывается о Газали Охорелле, эксперте в области прав человека и международной политики коренных народов алифуру в Южном Малуку. Узнайте о недавних переговорах на 25-й ежегодной Конференции Организации Объединенных Наций по изменению климата с точки зрения опытного переговорщика из числа коренных народов в РКИК ООН.
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    Fundamentals on REDD+

    This course is one of two courses offered by the REDD+ Academy. It provides the basis for a good understanding of REDD+ principles. The second course, “Advancing on REDD+,” provides content for a deeper understanding of how countries can benefit from applying REDD+ at a national level. Overall, the two courses provide an overview of key REDD+ issues with the aim of empowering participants to contribute to a well-informed national REDD+ process.
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    Strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ capacity: leadership and rights

    Although there is a significant number of international legal standards protecting indigenous peoples’ rights, implementation remains a challenge. Additionally, violations of those rights threaten the integrity of many indigenous peoples’ territories and communities. This webinar series explores international and regional indigenous human rights frameworks and how they can be applied nationally using specific examples. It highlights the mechanisms through which indigenous peoples’ communities can better access justice.