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    Définir les priorités de la biodiversité

    This webinar is based on guidance published by SANBI and UNEP-WCMC. The session explores practical, science-based approaches to spatial biodiversity assessment and prioritization. It discusses the guiding principles, datasets, methods and products included in the guidance document. This approach can be applied in terrestrial, inland water, and coastal and marine environments. This webinar is especially useful for countries that are biodiversity rich yet resource constrained, and where difficult choices have to be made about how and where to focus conservation action.
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    Aires marines protégées

    Ce module montre comment le Programme de Travail sur les Aires Protégées de la CDB s’applique à l’environnement marin et permet aux planificateurs des aires protégées d’augmenter la protection du milieu marin, d’améliorer le réseau d’aires marines protégées et de réduire les menaces sur l’environnement marin. Ce module fait partie du programme d’études du programme de travail sur les aires protégées (objectif 4.3 du PoWPA).
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    Participation significative des parties prenantes lors de l'élaboration du 6IN

    In this webinar, Gaya Sriskanthan, Stakeholder Engagement Expert, provides an overview of the Stakeholder Engagement Guidance for the 6NR project. John Scott, focal point for indigenous peoples and local communities at the Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity, and Dr. Yolanda Teran Maigua, Education Coordinator of the Indigenous Women Network on Biodiversity from Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasize the importance of the role of indigenous peoples and local communities as stakeholders.
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    Mines, participation des femmes et voix: études de cas en Colombie

    Women are often adversely impacted by mining, with problems arising within families and communities related to the lack of women’s decision-making and influence on the use of water and land critical for their livelihoods and the care of their families. In addition to their influence over land and water resources, it is also noted that women’s participation in the economy and ability to participate in political and decision making processes are key factors that may decrease harms or influence access to benefits from mining, affecting social, economic and environmental outcomes.
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    Psuivi et gestion adaptative

    Ce module couvre les aspects liés au suivi, incluant comment suivre le statut de la biodiversité et l’efficacité de la stratégie. Ce module fait partie du programme d’études du programme de travail sur les aires protégées (objectif 4.3 du PoWPA).
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    Hub Nature for Life

    The Nature for Life Hub will offer a virtual venue and communications support for multiple events as part of the four-day program. Hub organizers will work with champions, mobilizers, leaders and speakers who inspire and engage global audiences. These events will provide new content that will be broadcast live on social media and through the official virtual platform, as well as available online after the hub.
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    Nature-based solutions for sustainable development

    In this micro-course, you will learn how nature-based solutions can contribute to addressing societal challenges and achieving sustainable development, particularly in the context of water security, climate action, and nature-based livelihoods.
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    Développement et gestion de parcs pour la paix

    Are you interested in exploring the intersection between biodiversity conservation and community peacebuilding? Would you like to know how to establish a Peace Park using innovative methods based on the most contemporary research and projects actually taking place on the ground? Do you want to become more skilled at tackling the challenges of Peace Park management? This course will offer a comprehensive guide on Peace Park establishment, and will teach participants to make a strong case for Peace Park development; effectively plan, establish and manage Peace Parks; and address the challenges associated with the creation and management of these transboundary protected areas.
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    Série de podcast : L'impact mondial de l'agriculture régénératrice

    Cette série de podcasts, composée de trois épisodes, vous présentera l'agriculture régénérative, expliquera comment elle peut améliorer notre système alimentaire mondial existant et contribuer à renforcer la résilience climatique.