Aires protégées et développement durable

This module aims to provide you with an introduction to the different types of protected areas and ecosystem services, and discusses ways of maximizing the value of these ecosystem services at national level and site level. The module also provides an overview of specific issues related to protected area management: food and water security, disaster risk reduction, health, climate change, jobs, livelihoods and poverty reduction.

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Just downloaded my certificate and see only my first name printed on it.
Could you, please, make sure my First name and Surname are shown in the Certificate?
I intend to follow other courses as well and wouldn’t prefer to have the same problem in the future.
thank you in advance for your support!
Best regards,

Julie Kapuvari

Dear @Durim

In order to have your certificate show your first and last name on it, you need to change your profile name to “Durim [Surname]” instead of simply “Durim,” as it is now. After you add your surname to your profile, please return to the Protected Areas and Sustainable Development page to download your certificate.

Thank you!

Olivera Stojilovic

hi! how do i reference the certificate in Linkedin?

Julie Kapuvari

Hi Olivera,
Thanks for your comment and my apologies for the delayed response. You can upload the certificate to the Certifications section of Linkedin, and add “UNDP – Protected Areas and Sustainable Development” and add as much description as you would like.


Hi, when i download the certificate, it’s blank with just today’s date on it. Can you please fix this? Cheers

Please I’m unable to read the les son can someone help me??

Please I can’t download my certificats why??

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Ceverin,
Please use the blue “DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE” button.


I can not download my certificate,. Can you please show me the reason?


I got it. Thank you a lot 🙂


My certificate showed the username instead of the full name. Could you please tell me how the user name can be edited or something else?

Foire aux questions