7 - 9 NOVEMBER 2023

The Nature for Life Hub 2023 brought together nature champions, mobilizers, leaders, dreamers, and doers to ignite global action for safeguarding nature and realizing the ambitious goals of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.


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Nature for Life Hub 2023

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While Nature for Life Hub 2023 has passed, our work to transform the global economic, financial, social, and political systems continues, and we want you to be a part of it. Stay connected with us!

Engage with a vibrant community of nature enthusiasts from around the world. Share your experiences, insights, and ideas to collectively inspire and catalyze positive actions for the environment. Your voice matters, so take the first step towards meaningful connections and impactful conversations.

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Join the Nature for Life Hub community to:


Get inspired
Gain insights into innovative solutions for safeguarding nature for people and planet.


Make connections
Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations working towards nature preservation and sustainable development.


Make a difference
Discover opportunities to contribute to the protection, restoration, and management of nature.


Stay informed
Stay updated on the latest trends and developments in biodiversity conservation.

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To drive global biodiversity action, we need everyone on board. Know anyone who might be interested in joining a community of change-makers? Invite them to join the Hub!

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Día 1

Protecting and restoring nature to protect and restore our future

Identifying what it will take to deliver the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

Día 2

Delivering a Nature-positive Economy

Transforming systems to create incentives for an economy that accounts for nature’s values.

Día 3

Promoting Whole-of-Society Approaches for Nature

Fostering collaboration to protect, restore and manage nature.

The Nature for Life Hub 2023 Offered:


A three-day virtual program

Participants explored various thematic journeys, delving deep into specialist topics and practical solutions from wherever they are.


Certificate of participation

Participants had the opportunity to download the certificate of participation after completing a short survey about the event directly from the website.


On-demand content

All the recordings of the Hub sessions are available on the event page, so that participants can revisit and dive deeper into the discussions and insights that resonated with them the most.


Post-event community engagement

The Hub team will stay in touch with all the event participants to ensure continued engagement.

Who attends the Nature for Life Hub?

The Nature for Life Hub engages activists, influencers, leaders, businesses, and all concerned citizens! Over the past four years, we have fostered a diverse and empowered nature-positive coalition together. 



On the platform in 2020-2023.



Brought together by the live event in 2020-2022.



Including government representatives, CEOs, UN leaders, youth activists, Indigenous Peoples, celebrities, and musicians.

What our participants say

"The 2022 Nature for Life Hub was eye-opening! It helped me understand better how our usual ways of growing the economy aren't good for nature. The sessions pushed us to measure success differently, respecting our planet's limits while ensuring everyone's well-being. The sessions invited participants to think about changing the whole game, not just development but also our connection with nature. And the most interesting part? Using maps and data to put nature right at the center of how we grow sustainably. I am looking forward to participating in the 2023 Nature Hub chapter."

- Gabriel Jaramillo, UNDP

"I enjoyed each and every session, especially implementation through SDG and local level communities. It was a very enriching experience. Outstanding speakers with detailed presentations, a nice breadth of topics and responses to queries. Thank you for a very fruitful and interactive event."

- Anupam Kumar Pandey, Climate Interactive

"The Nature for Life Hub is a platform where we can learn, engage and be part of the global campaign for biodiversity conservation and protection of nature for future generations."

- Sunil Manandhar, Land Our Future

Preserving our Planetary Safety Net

  • Strengthening policies, laws and regulations to protect biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Mobilizing financial resources to support biodiversity conservation, restoration, and sustainable use
  • Enhancing knowledge, skills, and capacities to manage and conserve biodiversity
  • Establishing monitoring and reporting mechanisms to track progress and promote transparency for nature
  • Salvaguardar los derechos indígenas a sus tierras y territorios

Delivering a Nature-positive Economy

  • Encouraging green finance mechanisms for nature
  • Promoting circular economy principles and nature friendly business practices
  • Creating economic incentives that reward nature-positive actions and penalize activities that degrade nature
  • Posicionar las comunidades locales y las pequeñas empresas en el centro de la producción sostenible de productos básicos y las cadenas de suministro

Promoting Whole-of-Society Approaches for Nature

  • Fostering collaboration across society to encourage collective action towards shared nature conservation goals
  • Empowering local communities, indigenous peoples and civil society to participate in nature conservation efforts
  • Investing in youth engagement programs to nurture the next generation of environmental leaders
  • Encouraging public-private collaborations to drive sustainable business practices and investments in nature

Creating Restored Plant Communities More Resistant to Invasion | 6 February 2024

Restoration ecology aims to creating successful and resistant plant communities. A better scientific understanding of plant interactions and how plant communities are built, helps creating restored communities more resistant to invasion. This avoids the need of controlling non-native invasive species and reduce costs of restoration. We will present an overview about the need to create communities more resistant to invasion, and on invasive species control in restoration, and how plant-fungi interactions can be used as a tool to reduce invasive species.


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