Serie de webinars técnicos del sexto informe nacional

This webinar series was developed by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, UNDP and UN Environment. It focuses on the capacity building needs expressed by Parties to produce a high quality, data-driven, gender-responsive Sixth National Report.
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Jaswinder Kaur

very useful course

Arvind Sharma

I can’t remember enrolling for this course, but it says that I am enrolled, can you remove me as I can not reach the course coordinator until she is in my contacts?


hi alll. I am new for this course.I would be benefited by all of you by knowledgr sharing.

Md. Mahmudur Rahman

very usefull

Jorie Kavugho

Nous avons été trop intéressée par deux leçons dont intégrer le genre dans la consevation de la biodiversité et les indicateurs de la biodiversité