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This module covers aspects related to sustainable finance, including business planning, assessing finance needs, and developing a sustainable finance plan. This module forms part of the curriculum of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA Goal 3.4).
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Hi! I need the full name to appear on the certificate.
How can I resolve it? 
Thank you


Please add my last name to the certificate. Thanks!

Ehsanul Haque Fahim

Please , send my certificate in English Language with authorized signature . Thank You .


I have not yet downloaded the certificate but according to my colleagues I also suggest that they need to be signed on.


thanks you!!! it really good but the certificated should have signature and it’s better if i can download in pdf it easy to read

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Tha,
Thank you for participating in the course! Self-paced courses have certificates without signatures. If you are interested in a signed certificate, we recommend you complete a Massive Open Online Course. Currently, we are conducting the “Designing a Multidimensional Poverty Index” MOOC, which is open until April 17th 2020.


Je suis prêt pour commencer le cours en ligne

Melissa Søvik

Welcome to this course!

Usyed Omera Farooq

Will you please check the issues abt languages… I have completed courses in English but downloaded certificates are in the Spanish Language.

Julie Kapuvari

Dear @Usyed Omera Farooq,
Thank you for pointing this out and we have now fixed this. If you click the blue “DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE” button, you should be able to download the correct certificate now. If you still face any issues, please email [email protected]


Good morning,am ready to start the online lesson

Melissa Søvik

Welcome to this course @Alex !


dear all, really i appreciate your efforts but the certificate must have a signed


dear all, really i appreciate your efforts but the certificate must have a signed, thanks for all

Melissa Søvik

Hello @Walaa Zaghloul Did you manage to get your certificate right?


Very excited and looking forward to learn how to improve from a financial perspective the projects that we are developing in Colombia