Mapeo de la naturaleza para las personas y el planeta en Nepal: Consulta final

How can we use spatial data to identify critical areas where nature-based actions can address national biodiversity, climate and sustainable development priorities? In this final international virtual and in person consultation, policy makers and spatial data experts from Nepal will work with an international team to explore the science behind mapping Essential Life Support Areas (ELSAs) mapping and co-create the final ELSA map for the country.

View consultation agenda.

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Jesus Cisneros

Saludos desde México

Jenniffer Oleas

Saludos desde Esmeraldas-Ecuador

Fidelis Pon James

Excited and want to know when exactly the course will start please

Heyda Mendoza Macea

Hola a todos desde Colombia.

Federico Contreras

Saludos a todos desde Guanajuato.

When this course will start ? I’m so excited to take this course

Carlos Porras Duarte

Saludos desde Sydney, Australia


Buenas tardes. Soy maestra en ciencias Forestales, actualmente radico en el Istmo de Tehuantepec Oaxaca, México. Saludos a todos

Wilfredo Beralde

I am excited to start this course!

Silva Namalwa

Hi, I’d love to when this course starts.

Sandra Kandie

When will this course begin?