Advancing on REDD+

This course discusses the elements of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), provides a deep understanding of the importance of engaging relevant stakeholders, and outlines the principles of good governance in the context of applying REDD+ at the national level. It is tailored to professionals who already have pre-existing knowledge of the principles of REDD+, or have completed the introductory course “Fundamentals on REDD+.”

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Dominic Damiaan Smith

I completed all 6 modules and survey / the course for 100% when I try to download my certificate I get a page 404 error / access denied. I want receive my certificate please!

Marjorie Tolsdorf

Hi Dominic,

We are sorry for the inconvenience and will send you your certificate via email shortly.

Angel Gonzalez

Some things are wrong (for me) in the Queez 1 of Advanced REDD+ course.

Question 1 – The correct answer must be 1 – Recording, 2- Monitoring, 3 – Data, 4 – Emissions and removals, 5 – Forests, as I put, according to the text of the manual (page 2):
“In the context of REDD+, a NFMS is a system for recording and monitoring how land is used in a country, and to develop data which shows the level of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals related to forests”. Look at file attached.

Question 14 – It seems as if the question is wrongly asked, instead of “… Below is a list of desirable characteristics from the report. Select the two that apply.”
The correct question would be “Select the two that not apply”-
Using that question, the answer would be “Limited” and “Local”. Probably that is right because my answers are correct for the program.
Using the original question, there are five answers that are correct: “Transparent”, “Comparable”, “Consistent” and “Accurate”, not only two. Look at file attached.

advanced REDD+ quiz 1.png
advanced REDD+ quiz 1 - question 14.png
Katerine Acevedo Serrano

How can I get my certificate?

I finished the courses five days ago and they are not yet available

Daniel Perez

Dear Katerine,

Congratulations for completing the course. You will find the “Download your certificate” button right above the course content table. Please let us know if you still can’t find the button.