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    Concienciación educativa

    Este módulo abarca los aspectos relacionados con la educación y la conciencia, incluida la forma de diseñar una campaña efectiva. Este módulo forma parte del currículo del Programa de Trabajo en Áreas Protegidas (PoWPA objetivo 3.5).
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    Aprovechando el poder del sol

    Do you want to learn about the economic, developmental and environmental aspects of the illegal wildlife trade? Are you interested in exploring global illegal wildlife supply chains and analyzing ways to trigger behavioral change and engage local communities in wildlife conservation as part of a broader set of sustainable development strategies and solutions? Would you like to become part of the community-of-practice in the fight against the illegal trade in wildlife and forest products? Pre-register for the Massive Online Open Course on Combating Illegal Trade in Wildlife today.
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    Uso del mercadeo social para superar la Meta Uno de Aichi para la Biodiversidad

    This webinar explores ways of using social marketing and pride campaigns to exceed Aichi Biodiversity Target One. It explains how conservationists can utilize social marketing tools to move beyond traditional approaches to raise biodiversity awareness. The session features examples of the effectiveness of Pride Campaigns in supporting conservationists to implement NBSAPs.