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    Finanzas de la biodiversidad

    This course will provide you with the tools to assess the policy, institutional, and economic context for biodiversity finance; conduct a financial needs assessment to achieve a country’s biodiversity goals; and develop a biodiversity finance plan that identifies the most suitable finance solutions. It will teach you how to develop financially sound and politically feasible biodiversity finance plans. The course is aimed at conservation planning and biodiversity finance practitioners and policymakers, but is open to anyone.
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    Metodología BIOFIN: Plan de financiación de la biodiversidad

    The Biodiversity Finance Plan (BFP) is the 4th step of the BIOFIN Methodology and it identifies and prioritises a mix of suitable biodiversity finance solutions to reduce the biodiversity finance gap.
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    Metodología BIOFIN: Revisión de Políticas e Instituciones

    The Biodiversity Finance Policy and Institutional Review (PIR) is the first step of the BIOFIN Methodology and it looks into the policy and institutional context for biodiversity finance in the country, establishing which are the key stakeholders to involve.
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    Bonos Verdes: Una oportunidad para financiar la biodiversidad

    Green bonds can mobilize resources from domestic and international capital markets for climate change adaptation, renewables and other environment-friendly projects. They are no different from conventional bonds, their only unique characteristic being the specified use of proceeds which are invested in projects that generate environmental benefits. In its simplest form, a bond issuer (public or private) will raise a fixed amount of capital, repaying the capital and accrued interests over a set period of time. Sovereign bonds and forest bonds are being issued to finance biodiversity-related activities.
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    Green Entrepreneurship

    Este curso ofrecerá un marco paso a paso para transformar una idea de negocio verde en un plan de negocio viable. Proporcionará las herramientas necesarias para generar, probar y refinar una idea para un negocio verde, junto con ejemplos exitosos de caminos de emprendedores verdes desde ideas de negocio hasta soluciones generadoras de valor y adaptadas al mercado.
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    Nature for Life Hub

    The Nature for Life Hub will offer a virtual venue and communications support for multiple events as part of the four-day program. Hub organizers will work with champions, mobilizers, leaders and speakers who inspire and engage global audiences. These events will provide new content that will be broadcast live on social media and through the official virtual platform, as well as available online after the hub.
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    Financiamiento sostenible

    This module covers aspects related to sustainable finance, including business planning, assessing finance needs, and developing a sustainable finance plan. This module forms part of the curriculum of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA Goal 3.4).
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    Valorando la biodiversidad y los servicios del ecosistema: una introducción

    In this topic, we provide an overview of the consequences and causes of biodiversity loss, a description of the range of ecosystem services that nature provides, and an introduction to the concept of economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.