8 February 2024

Building Interactive Lessons with Genially

About this episode

  Language: English   Subtitles: French, Spanish, Russian  Duration: 4mins 25secs

In the realm of conservation, every story is crucial, and Genially helps you tell these stories in a way that resonates.

Whether you're an educator striving to make learning unforgettable, a government official fostering awareness, or a passionate advocate dedicated to the cause, discover how this dynamic tool can elevate your educational initiatives, policy presentations, or advocacy campaigns.


*Tip: To activate English subtitles, click Settings -> Subtitles -> English.

About our expert

Maya Garnier is an Instructional Designer at UNDP’s Global Programme on Nature for Development. Prior to joining the team, she worked as an instructional designer and content creator for Mischool, a French e-learning platform for medical English as a second language. She was also an intern in instructional design for CyberTorial, a Californian startup aiming to teach cybersecurity to young minority women. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Education in France, Maya holds a bachelor’s degree in Music, with a minor in Creative Teaching Practices and Innovative Learning Strategies from the British Institute of Modern Music in London.

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