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Session 0 – Youth Taking Action on Nature-Based Solutions

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*The views expressed in this recording are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the United Nations, including UNDP, or the UN Member States.

29 September 2020, 8:00-8:55 AM (EDT)

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The decisions we take in the next decade will profoundly affect youth around the world for the rest of their lives. Youth are demanding action now, but they are also taking action now. This session seeks to shine a spotlight on youth actors who already leading in the implementation and advocacy of nature-based solutions. Working from their communities, their governments, their schools, and working through research, art and action, presenters in this session seek to remind world leaders that youth are the future of our planet. Organized by, for and with youth, this session brings together youth from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to share their stories, highlighting the contributions they have made in protecting and restoring nature, the obstacles they have faced along the way, and the opportunities they have created. This session aims to inspire, amplify, network and most importantly, catalyze meaningful youth action and leadership on nature.

This session will take place on 29 September 2020, 8:00-8:55 AM (EDT). The event will be broadcast live on this page, no registration required.

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