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Environmental Monitoring, Part II

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 Languages: English
 Date Conducted: 30 January 2018
 Video Length: 1:48:13
 Course Type: Webinar Series
This webinar complements Environmental Monitoring Part 1: The fundamentals and access to information. The webinar explores the work of community-based environmental monitoring committees. Its goal is to give a better understanding of how these committees work, what their role is, and what some of their strengths are, as well as the challenges they face. Speakers address the question of whether the committees can empower citizens to shape decision making on mining in their areas and be a tool to prevent conflict from escalating. Cases from Peru and Mongolia are used for discussion and sharing of experiences from different contexts.

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Vikashni Goundar

This lesson was informative as it educates the people about the community-based environmental monitoring committees and its goal.

Izhar Ullah

Informative session

Izhar Ullah

Good session


My country provinces ,lunda Norte, lunda Sul , Cabinda and so on they are also a good case of study , those community are always in conflict with government ,just because the government doesn’t have good policies