Day 3

Toward a Nature-Positive Future

Watch sessions:

3.2 Transforming public sector finance

3.3 Toward a nature-positive future

this Day

This day focuses on the transformations required to align public and private finance with a nature-positive future, and to urgently finance nature-based climate solutions.


Session 3.1 (9AM EDT) | Transforming the private sector

  • Promoting financial transparency
  • Transforming business’ relationship with nature
  • Finance toolkit part 1: Private sector investment instruments

Session 3.2 (11AM EDT)Transforming public sector finance

  • Transforming public sector finance: nature-harmful subsidies and sovereign debt
  • Finance toolkit part 2: Public sector investment instruments
  • Toward a Green Covid-19 Recovery

Session 3.3 (1PM EDT) | Toward a nature-positive future

  • Defining a nature-positive future
  • Build a planetary safety net
  • Lead the way
  • Align our finances, economies, businesses
  • Reimagine development
  • Reset our relationship with people and planet
  • Mobilize change
  • Decide our future

Be Part of the

Raise your voice, let the world know that you care, be part of the transformation!

Don't know how? Here's some help:

fist (2)

Tag a public financial institution and ask them for financial transparency for their impact on nature.

(Tag a financial institution or corporation), how can you decrease your financial impact on nature? Put nature first. #NatureForLife 2021.



Tag public sector finance institutions and ask how they plan to promote nature-positive finance measures and reduce nature-harmful ones.

(Tag a financial institution or corporation), what are you doing to reduce nature-harmful finance measures? Protect nature for people and planet. #NatureForLife 2021.


voice (1)

Tag your government and ask for financial commitments to nature-based solutions to heal our planet.

I call on (Tag a financial institution/corporation or Tag a local or national government leader), to scale up investment in nature-based solutions to safeguard our future. Invest in nature. #NatureForLife 2021.


To transform our corporate and private sector finance – we must:

  1. Promote transparency in how corporate and private sectors impact nature.
  2. Put science and standards at the center of corporate and private sector decision making.
  3. Scale up finance for nature through a wide variety of private sector instruments.

To scale up investment for nature-based climate solutions – we must:

  1. Ensure nature is firmly embedded in Nationally Determined Contributions.
  2. Scale up finance for nature-based solutions for climate mitigation and resilience.