Day 2

Transforming Production, From the Ground Up

Watch sessions:

2.2 Transforming food systems for nature and people - making changes happen

2.3 Shifting the balance: Putting communities at the center of sustainable production

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This day focuses on the need to transform how we grow and trade in commodities, especially those commodities that have the biggest impacts on the planet, and on the need to reposition communities at the heart of sustainable production.


Session 2.1 (9AM EDT) | Transforming food production systems

  • Future proofing our food with climate-resilient, regenerative food systems
  • Indigenous food systems

Session 2.2 (11AM EDT) | Transforming Food Systems for nature and people - making changes happen

  • Solution 1: Repurpose agricultural subsidies
  • Solution 2: Transition to deforestation-free and conversion-free supply chains
  • Solution 3: Restore degraded soils for food production
  • Solution 4: Transform agricultural innovation for people, nature and climate
  • Solution 5: Food systems transformation at landscape and seascape level
  • Solution 6: Mobilizing key actions for climate, biodiversity, and land

Session 2.3 (1PM EDT) | Shifting the balance: Putting communities at the center of sustainable production

  • On solid ground: Global commodities, sustainable communities
  • Small is beautiful: Catalyzing inclusive, nature-positive small businesses
  • Nature for shared prosperity: Nature-positive community enterprises


Relevant Resources

Session 2.1

Agrilinks: Crops to End Hunger: Accelerating Seed Delivery through Sustainable Seed Systems
CivilEats:The Food System’s Carbon Footprint Has Been Vastly Underestimated
The New York Times: This is our time to get food systems right
UN Food Systems Summit: Laying Down Tracks
reNature generates first Agroforestry carbon credits in Brazil with Rabobank

Session 2.2

BCG: The Biodiversity Crisis is a Business Crisis
UNDP: High-Level Report Launch: “A multi-billion-dollar opportunity: Repurposing agricultural support to transform food systems”
WWF International: Deforestation & conversion-free supply chains: A guide for action
Global Landscapes Forum: Deforestation-free supply chains: How you can contribute to make your company more sustainable
The Accountability Framework
World Agroforestry: Healthy soil is key for functioning ecosystems
Multi-stakeholder Collaboration for Systemic Change - Good Growth Partnership
Four Dimensional Systemic Change, Alignment and Connectivity in Reducing Deforestation
Value Beyond Value Chains: Guidance Note for the Private Sector
Local communities are key to equitable, sustainable food systems

Session 2.3

Green Economy Coalition: Fair Trade isn't just about coffee. It's a roadmap for economic revolution
UNDP Green Commodities Programme: Good Growth Conference 2021
UNDP Serbia: How can Serbian SMEs grow to be more resilient to shocks in the future?
World Fair Trade Organization: Build Back Fairer Statement
Global Opportunities for Sustainable Development Goals: Innovative solutions for MSMEs in a green recovery
Circular Economy Business Strategies - The Switchers
Business Call to Action: Annual Forum
Bio-Trade Knowledge Sharing and Self-Assessment Tool

Be Part of the

Raise your voice, let the world know that you care, be part of the transformation!

Don't know how? Here's some help:

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Ask your government to commit to the diversification of food systems and scale up traditional food systems through Indigenous knowledge.

(Tag local or national government leader), what are your plans to diversify our food systems by including Indigenous traditional knowledge. Be part of the solution #NatureForLife 2021.

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Ask your government about their plans to support regenerative supply chains, and eliminate deforestation.

I call on (Tag local or national government leader) to share their roadmap towards deforestation free supply chains. Support a decade of hope. #NatureForLife 2021.

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Tag your government and ask how they are supporting and scaling up the work of communities towards sustainable production.

(Tag local or national government leader), how are you supporting and investing in community action towards sustainable production. Support nature positive solutions. #NatureForLife 2021.


To increase ambition on resilient food systems – we must:

  1. Diversify our food systems, including diversity of genetic stocks, cultivars, and crops.
  2. Recognize, maintain and scale up traditional food systems knowledge, Indigenous food systems.

To transform our supply chains – we must:

  1. Eliminate deforestation from supply chains, especially from beef, soy, palm oil and pulp and papers.
  2. Leverage 4th industrial technologies to transform supply chains.
  3. Invest in sustainable supply chains, including invest in communities, and sustainable long-term agreements.