2 August 2020

Learning about Indigenous Youth on the Global Stage

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About this episode

  Language: English   Duration: 22mins 34secs
 Partners: UN Global Indigenous Youth Caucus

This podcast features Victor Lopez-Carmen, Co-Chair of the UN Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, who shares his experience representing Indigenous youth and advocating for Native American rights to health and to a healthy environment.

About our guest

Victor Lopez-Carmen is the co-chair of the UN Global Indigenous Youth Caucus. Victor is from Tucson, Arizona and is a member of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe in South Dakota with Yaqui heritage. Victor was named a 2018 Native American 40 under 40 award recipient and last year he worked as a Legislative Fellow clerking for the U.S. House Natural Resources, Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples. Currently, he is attending Harvard Medical School, where he serves as the Co-President of the Native American Health Organization.

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