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NBSAP Forum aims to connect practitioners and technical experts working on the alignment and implementation of NBSAPs in support of the targets in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

We invite you to iIntroduce yourself to fellow forum members and start building your network.

Introduce yourself to fellow forum participants here!

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Stephen Mwangi

Hello everyone. I am Stephen Mwangi from Nairobi, Kenya. I am really excited to be a member of this Forum.

Sharaniya Vijitharan

Hello, Everyone. I’m Sharaniya from Sri Lanka. It is great to be part of this informative Forum!

Imran Stanikzai

I am Imran Khan from Afghanistan I hope everyone is ok

Zenebe Argado

Hello everyone, I am Zenebe from Ethiopia,


I’am OUOBA Daogo from Burkina Faso.
Nice to by a member and met everyone.
All the best for NBSAP.

Germán Franco Díaz

Just joined, happy to participate.

Veronica Recondo

Hi Germán, welcome to the NBSAP Forum!

Mantopi Martina de Porres Lebofa

It is great to be part of this informative Forum!

Veronica Recondo

Hi Mantopi, thank you for joining the NBSAP Forum!


Hello Folks!
I am Frantz from Cameroon. I am environmentalist and social entrepreneur. I cofounded in 2018, Sangmelima Resilience Association, an NGO focused in research and actions for social-ecological development of local communites. It’s a pleasure and a great opportunity for me to joint this communities of experts and practitionners from all part of the world. I am currently prepare a carbon offset project in south region of cameroon. It’s a pilot project that aims to identify differents issues face by local communities managing their own forest and wishing to leverage finance for local developement. At the end of this project, I will build a tool kit of document aims to make more easy building of offset carbon projetc under Article 6.2. At this time I completed Module 4 of the E-learning course of Article 6.2. I would like to know what is the place of the NGO carried carbon offset project, on the Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

Veronica Recondo

Hi Frantz! Welcome to the NBSAP Forum. Hope it will be of help to find relevant information for your project!

Vella Angima

Hello Everyone! My name is Vella Angima from Kenya. I have joined this forum due to the mutual interest in Biodiversity Conservation. I currently work as a Project Technical Coordination Analyst for the UNDP-GEF-USAID Project “Reducing Maritime Trafficking of Wildlife between Africa and Asia”. I look forward to sharing and learning a lot from this forum.

Veronica Recondo

Hi Vella! Thank you for joining the NBSAP Forum and sharing your professional background with the Forum’s community. Looking forward to hearing more about the project you are working on in the forums.

Sixto Palacios Quinto

Un placer conocer de la iniciativa y su abordaje. Soy consultor ambiental y extensionista en Colombia, espero poder aprender mas sobre enfoques de resiliencia para apoyar la metas del Marco Global de la Biodiversidad.

Veronica Recondo

Hola Sixto, bienvenido al NBSAP Forum. Si desea conocer más sobre enfoques de resiliencia, sugiero explorar nuestro catálogo de e-learning donde encontrará varios cursos que abordan esta temática.