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Marcelo Sabanes

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well! Glad to be here joining great and commited people. In my case working for the last 20 years designing and implementing sustainable development strategies and action plans at all levels (public and private), climate change mitigation/adaptation and disaster risk reduction. More details on my linkedIn profile:
Looking forward for a chance to collaborate each other with any of you. Best Regards, Marcelo

Terry Corr

HI everyone, i am an activist & ocean conservationist running sustainable travel adventures. living in Cape Town South Africa. I have done a number of courses through UNEP and so i follow proceedings with interest, especially around Nature based solutions and tourism funding conservation.

Charlotte Andersen

Thank you for joining Terry!

Beryara Rojas

Hi! My name’s Beryara and I’m not working yet on any institution dedicated to the environmental protection but I do have goals and projects related to sustainability (because natures’s the most important thing to me) so I am here to acquire more knowledge, strategies and ideas to reach those <3

Charlotte Andersen

Hey Beryara, we appreciate your passion for sustainability and your participation in these sessions!

Kirsty Brown

Hi, I’m tuning in from North Wales, UK. Yesterday’s sessions were great. I just wondered how long we have access to the recordings for, as the sessions run a little late for some us here in the UK, and I’d really like to tune in to today’s sessions. Thanks/Diolch!

Megan Joyce

Hi Everyone! My name is Megan Joyce, I’m the Communications Officer for Reverse the Red – a global coalition that ignites strategic action and optimism to reverse negative biodiversity loss trends shown on the IUCN Red List.

Reverse the Red:

Charlotte Andersen

Thank you for joining Megan

monirul kobir

Hi, I am Monirul Kobir from Bangladesh. I am a Trade Union Activists and Working in National Level Workers Rights Organization as Senior Program officer. Climate change and just transition is one of my working issue.

Charlotte Andersen

Welcome Monirul!

Okori Patrick

Hi everyone, glad to be here. Am Patrick Okori from Uganda. I work with a government oil and gas downstream business facility and a strong climate change practitioner.

Charlotte Andersen

Glad to have you here Patrick!

Candice Guilaran

Good day everyone! I’m Candice Guilaran from the Philippines! I am currently working under the Department of Agriculture in my country under Research and Development. Nice to meet everyone here virtually!

Charlotte Andersen

Nice to meet you Candice!

Alisha Mulmi

Hello everyone, I am Alisha Mulmi from Nepal, currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry at Institute of Forestry. I have keen interest in wildlife and nature conservation. Let’s connect in LinkedIn
Let’s learn together in Nature for Life Hub 2023

Charlotte Andersen

Hello Alisha, so happy to have you here!


Hello everyone! I’m Andrea Echeverry-Alcendra, conservation biologist and herpetologist. I am based in Bogotá, Colombia (South America). I am glad for the opportunity to be in this forum and learn from you all. Let’s connect on Linkedin: or X (Twitter) @kachuga

Charlotte Andersen

Thank you for joining us Andrea!