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Transforming finance and economies

Think about it!

Take a moment to reflect on some of the key issues related to the role of finance in creating a nature-positive future.

Changes in finance:

There are signs all around that finance is rapidly changing. What changes do you see, and what is the evidence?

Innovative finance mechanisms:

There are many new and innovative finance mechanisms to create nature-positive finance. What are some of the ones that have the most potential to transform the finance industry?

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Vinamra Mathur

Over the years environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have gained prominence in investment decisions. Investors, including private sector entities, are increasingly considering the environmental impact of their investments. This has led to the growth of sustainable finance instruments and in the future might be able to fulfill the huge deficit we have in this sector. Personally, I feel like private sector banks and funding agencies have a huge role to play in the coming years.

Jeremy Donaire

Interesting point of view @Vinamra Mathur , what do you think are the factors that trigger the private sectors to move towards a higher degree of environmental investment? will it be the new legislation ? or is it added to pressure exerted by citizens ? or their own will and conscience ?


I have also personally noticed more discussions around ESG! I think it is encouraging to see more and more instruments, courses, standards and visibility, in general, among these lines.

Roger Watts

One of the issues identied by the UN working groups in COP15 is that demands on the biosphere are further amplified by the common practice among national governments of actively subsidising the use of natural resources.
Should the public purse subsidise visitor promotion? Or promoting businesses in National Parks? Taxpayers deserve a fuller picture? Not enough for farmers to say we will farm better; or ecologists to argue “give us money and we will carry out lots of projects”.
Why is Nature declining”? What are the forces at work? And what can we do to stop them?
It would be very helpful to have a much clearer picture of where tax and ratepayers money goes, and their impact on Nature eg:
– public funding on visitor promotion
– support for farmers
– subsidies to businesses and charities
– house building
– resources given to National Park Authorities which diminish Nature
– local authority grants and spending?
– the management of water and wastewater infrastructure,
– unsustainable forest management.
“Government subsidies are created to benefit socioeconomic development, but what if they end up driving the destruction of nature, which our society and economy depend upon to survive and thrive?


Finance is indeed transforming! Or at least I personally notice some changes, such as an increase in communications, events, awareness campaigns on topics related to nature-positive finance, and also more discussions around investments for a greener future. What do you think about these changes? Are we on track?

Nina Kantcheva

Welcome to the discussion on transforming finance and economies! Creating nature-positive finance requires innovative mechanisms that encourage investments and financial activities that promote environmental sustainability and biodiversity. We look forward to hearing successful examples in this area!

Biniam Belete Begna

It would be great if anyone could share us the feasible ways of implementing nature positive finance. How we could also maintain its sustainability? Thanks in advance!

Nina Kantcheva

Thank you Biniam for being here and for your question! This is very relevant and a very “hot” topic right now. May I point you to a couple of recommended readings on the topic: https://www.undp.org/blog/pathways-toward-nature-positive-future

Biniam Belete Begna

Many thanks Nina!

Nina Kantcheva

As well as a blog on Biodiversity finance: https://www.undp.org/nature/our-work-areas/biodiversity-finance and nature-based solutions finance for NDCs: https://www.undp.org/publications/nature-based-solutions-finance-ndcs
Finally, feel free to review this Nature-positive finance guidance! https://www.unepfi.org/publications/new-nature-positive-finance-guidance/
Thank you and best wishes!