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Transforming businesses

Dig even deeper!

Dive deeper and explore some of the pathways toward a nature-positive future.

Identify levers of change:

The pressure for businesses to become nature-positive is increasing. Take a few moments to think about the kinds of levers that might be used to encourage a more rapid transformation toward nature-positive in your context. 

Imagine a bioeconomy:

Take a moment to imagine the kinds of nature-positive businesses that could thrive in your context, as part of a new bioeconomy.

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Hello Everyone! I believe transforming business is a very complex process, as it involves, includes or affects many actors, yet I believe this complexity can bring unexpected answers and results if analyzed in depth! A rapid transformation towards nature-positive business could be influenced by many actors, and I would be happy to engage in further discussions on the challenges and limitation each actor may have!


@Diego Nahuel Campos Salazar , @apazo, reading your comments on the “Think about it!” forum, I am wondering how would you see researchers’ perspective here? What could researchers do to make their work and findings more visible to business?

Biniam Belete Begna

@Andreea I strongly agree that the transformation towards nature-positive business is complex…concerning the challenges, I would say gaining political commitment could be one. Apart from this, resistence from business owners might also be considered as a challenge. Moreover, limited awareness of the communities, for instance on environmentally preferable purchasing could also be among the challenges. To reduce the impact of these and other obstacles, I believe that the active engagment of relevant experts in the decision making process and making it inclusive to the grassroot level might help.

Sahil Munjal

Thanks once again for sharing details on time today. Great user experience