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Rethinking our food systems

Think about it!

Take a moment to reflect on some of the key issues related to our food system.

Deforestation-free supply chains:

What will it take for corporations to improve their record on deforestation-free supply chains? How can the global community help exert pressure to make this a reality?

Transition to more sustainable agricultural practices:

What will it take for the world to transition to more sustainable agricultural practices? What are the three most important levers of change?

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Sahil Munjal

️Ready for a food revolution? It’s time to transform our food systems from the ground up. Discover 5 essential transformations that will drive this change towards resilient, diverse, and equitable food systems: https://www.undp.org/blog/transforming-food-systems-ground



Thank you for sharing this, Sahil!

Emily Michnowski

I think a lot of the barrier towards implementing sustainable agricultural practices are the initial prices towards the implementation of them. Once implemented, these sustainable methods typically cost farmers less than traditional agriculture, as well as lead to more resilient crops and yields. What are some potential solutions to overcoming the initial cost of investment into sustainable practices to make them more accessible to farmers?

Jeremy Donaire

That is an important point @Emily Michnowski , I think another important one could be the lack of knowledge on “how to make it sustainable”, maybe some methods could even generate savings for some citizens? maybe?

Vinamra Mathur

One of the ways the global community can make it a reality is by empowering and supporting local communities whose livelihoods are impacted by deforestation, ensuring they have a stake in preserving the environment and benefiting from sustainability practices. We need to develop and implement systems that enable supply chain transparency and traceability, allowing consumers to make informed choices about products and putting pressure on corporations to be more accountable.


Indeed transparency and active involvement are very powerful tools! I personally believe responsible supply chains could change the way our food systems work, and I would very much like to hear and learn more about the challenges of deforestation-free supply chains, biodiversity and sustainable food systems.

Biniam Belete Begna

I think deforestation-free supply chains might need much more effort and pressures from all the stakeholders specially for the case of devloping countries…I am wondering if anyone could share insights on how to make this reality specially in those developing countries? Moreover, how to develope the sense of ownership among the community regarding transition to sustainable practices


I believe due diligence is part of the answer for deforestation-free supply chains! For this purpose, information is key: we need to know that the products we consume has been produced on land that has not been affected by deforestation.