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Rethinking our food systems

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Use these exercises to dive deeper and explore some of the pathways to rethink our food systems from the ground up.

Imagine two scenarios:

Imagine two scenarios by 2050. In the first scenario, almost all companies have committed - and are enforcing - deforestation-free supply chains. In the second, almost no company is, and deforestation is higher than ever. Now map out a plausible chain of events for both scenarios.

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Diego Nahuel Campos Salazar

Hi! I am Diego from Peru. To start moving towards deforestation or overexploitation-free supply chains, the change must start with the final consumers. A well-informed consumer can have significant impacts on food production and consumption. We have already seen the power of consumers on social media. Why don’t we use this power to start taking action?

Virginia Scherer

@Diego Bonetto , agreed, the actions of end-of-the-line consumers are crucial in getting companies to enforce deforestation-free supply chains. Any ideas on how to motivate individuals to consume responsibly when companies and society emphasize convenience over environmental impact?


I personally believe other actors are to be involved as well! For example, moving towards deforestation affects companies as well, therefore their business practices could be encouraged in such a way that public perception or due diligence become more important in shifting business practices. I would love to hear some perspective from a behavioral-economics point of view!