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Valuing nature for development

Dig even deeper!

Use these exercises to dive deeper. Explore some of the ways that nature is at the heart of sustainable development.

Identify nature-based services:

Locate the primary sources of water in your community and discuss the critical ecosystems that contribute significantly to the supply of this water. How do these ecosystems impact your community's access to clean water?

Identify nature-based carbon solutions:

Which ecosystems are most important for carbon sequestration in your area, and what are the top three actions needed to implement nature-based solutions for climate action? 

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Diego Nahuel Campos Salazar

In Peru, I would say the seaweed and the sea bottom surrounding the coastal areas for carbon sequestration. Wetlands are also super important for their ecosystem services @Jeremy Donaire ! Does anybody else have some examples?


The forests would be the answer in my region. I am curious about these 2 other options you’ve mentioned, @Diego Nahuel Campos Salazar , how could we take advantage of those for carbon sequestration?

Biniam Belete Begna

In Ethiopia, I would say the forest ecosystem plays a crucial role in carbon sequestration. However, nowadays this ecosystem is under a threat due to population growth and development related activities…thus reducing deforestation, raising awareness of the community regarding ecosystem services, and provision of incentives could help in maintaining the sustainability of the intended ecosystem service. I would appreciate if anyone could add more on feasible ways to maintain its sustainability


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @Biniam Belete Begna ! I believe actions needed to implement nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration are crucial for restoring and/or preserving the quality of live in your region. I am not an expert in the field, but I look forward to reading more studies or research on successful examples of carbon sequestration.

Biniam Belete Begna

Thank you, @Andreea!

Jeremy Donaire

In Chile I would say coastal wetlands, however much of the development of cities has been over these important ecosystems. A great solution would be perhaps to restore these ecosystems, to recover the land that was taken from them, to increase their ecological services?

Virginia Scherer

Thank you for sharing, @Jeremy Raguain , what are some basic steps you believe organizations in Chile can take towards restoring these vital coastal wetland ecosystems?

Jeremy Donaire

@Virginia Scherer I believe that at an initial stage, we should evaluate a modification in the way urban development is being carried out in the country and/or cities that have the greatest potential in terms of number or space of wetlands (for example).


Urban development with respect to doughnut economics might be a solution as well. I believe researchers in the field would have more science-based answers!