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Rethinking the nature of development

Dig even deeper!

Use these exercises to dive deeper. Stretch your imagination, and think about what a transition to a new economic model might look like in your context.

Design an economic transformation:

Imagine that your city, community or government decides to shift to a doughnut economic model. What would the transformation process look like?

Envision a more sustainable future:

Imagine that it is 2050, and your government has adopted a new model of economic progress. What do you think it will look like?

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Diego Nahuel Campos Salazar

I would start by pointing out the technology required. Although many advances have been made, the new era relies on limited materials, pressuring known and unknown ecosystems. An example is the deep-sea mining to reach the net-zero carbon transition.


Thank you for your answer, @Diego Nahuel Campos Salazar ! Please let me tag @Andrea Pazos Niño de Guzmán . Would the technological consideration be a challenge, or an opportunity for a new model of progress? What would your thoughts be?

Andrea Pazos

indeed @Diego Nahuel Campos Salazar , this goes for the extraction of lithium for electric cars as well, the industry is extracting all resources with enourmous social and ecological consequences (e.g. in Bolivia)

Andrea Pazos

Would like to ask to the audience first.. what do you think would be the challenges of developing this type of economy model?


One of the challenges I personally see is acceptance by the society. I would be curious to read some estimates or studies on how long does it takes until behaviors are being changed and aligned with something such as a doughnut economic model. What would your thoughts be, @Andrea Pazos Niño de Guzmán , what other challenge would you mention?

Sahil Munjal

Thanks for sharing event details on time.


Hello @Sahil Munjal! Thank you for connecting to the session today. Would you be willing to share the most interesting takeaways from today’s session, or your views on the challenges and opportunities of economic transformation?