The Nature
for Life
Hub 2022


Featuring activists, influencers, leaders, and businesses, the virtual hub will take audiences on various thematic journeys, delving deep into specialist topics, practical solutions and ambitious actions that are paving a path towards a nature-positive future.

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Day 1

28 November 2022

Nature for Development and Climate



Day 2

29 November 2022

Financing Nature



Day 3

30 November 2022

Creating a Planetary Safety Net




Safety Net

  • planet-earth (1)

    Accelerating ecosystem restoration as a planetary safety net

  • save-money

    Accelerating the creation of protected and conserved areas as a planetary safety net

  • herbal-spa-treatment-leaves

    Defining new narratives for a nature-positive future by putting nature at the heart of sustainable development discourse

  • verified (2)

    Safeguard Indigenous rights to their lands and territories

  • currency

    Accelerating nature-positive economic, fiscal and monetary policies and recovery plans

  • circular-economy (1)

    Mobilizing and accelerating private investment in nature-positive micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, and nature-positive community enterprises

  • location

    Anchoring local communities and small businesses at the heart of sustainable commodity production and supply chains

  • circular-economy

    Catalyzing inclusive, green circular communities and bio-economies



  • ecology

    Scaling up nature-based solutions for inclusive economic growth, poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods, conflict prevention, disaster risk reduction, improved health

  • global-warming

    Accelerating and implementing nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • earth

    Putting nature and nature-based solutions at the heart of development and sectoral plans and policies, including water and food security

  • earth (1)

    Accelerating regenerative productive practices, including agriculture, agroforestry and sustainable fisheries

In case you missed it:

Landmark Leaders’ Event for a Nature Positive World

A Nature for Life event

Despite ambitious high-level commitments including through the LPN, HAC and GOA, more is needed to translate them into key decisions for nature, including the negotiations of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework adopted at the CBD COP15 in Montreal under the Presidency of China.

Day 1: Nature for Development and Climate
1.1. Nature for Development 1.1.1. Redefining Nature of Development 28 November, 2022 | 9AM EDT - 4:30PM EDT
1.1.2. New Rules for Development
1.1.3. Systems Change in Theory and Practice
1.1.4. Putting Nature at the Heart of Development
1.2. Working with Nature 1.2.1. Nature for Development
1.2.2. Nature for Climate
1.2.3. Nature’s Newsroom

Day 2: Financing Nature
2.1. Financing Nature 2.1.1. Overview of Finance and Nature 29 November, 2022 | 9AM EDT - 4:30PM EDT
2.1.2. Transforming Financial Flows and Improving Transparency
2.2. Shifting to a Nature-Positive Economy 2.2.1. Bioeconomies
2.2.2. Blue Economies
2.2.3. Circular Green Economies
2.2.4. Putting Communities at the Heart of Green Business
2.2.5. Business, Trade and Supply Chains

Day 3:Creating a Planetary Safety Net
3.1. Catalyzing Local Action 3.1.1. Celebrating the Equator Prize Winners 30 November, 2022 | 9AM EDT - 4:30PM EDT
3.1.2. Dimensions of Local Action
3.2. Creating a Planetary Safety Net 3.2.1. Protecting Our Planet
3.2.2. Restoring Our Planet
3.2.3. Regenerative Agriculture
3.2.4. Regenerative Forestry