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Transforming our relationship with nature – for the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, and a nature-positive future, for people and the planet.


Featuring activists, influencers, leaders, and businesses, the virtual hub will take audiences on various thematic journeys, delving deep into specialist topics, practical solutions and ambitious actions that are paving a path towards a nature-positive future. 

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Opening Session

22 September 2021
8AM - 10:30AM EDT ( NY time)

This stand-alone session is all about increasing ambition – for action on nature, on climate, on finance for nature and on finance and rights for Indigenous peoples and local communities.

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Day One

4 October 2021
9AM -  11AM - 1PM EDT ( NY time)

This day highlights the urgent need to protect and restore nature, safeguard the rights of Indigenous peoples, celebrate local action, and put nature at the heart of sustainable development, in order to build a planetary safety net for humanity.

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Day Two

5 October 2021
9AM -  11AM - 1PM EDT ( NY time)

This day focuses on the need to transform how we grow and trade in commodities, especially those commodities that have the biggest impacts on the planet, and on the need to reposition communities at the heart of sustainable production.

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Day Three

6 October 2021
9AM -  11AM - 1PM EDT ( NY time)

This day focuses on the transformations required to align public and private finance with a nature-positive, and to undertake the transformations urgently needed now for a decade of action.

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Increasing ambition on protection and restoration

Ask your government what they are doing to prioritize biodiversity to secure our future.

Don't know how? Here's some help:

In support of the #NatureForLife Hub 2021 I call on (Tag local/national government leader) to tell us how you plan to protect and restore our environment to promote nature-based livelihoods, ensure our future, and mitigate climate change. Share your plans to ensure #NatureForLife.



Transforming our supply chain

Ask your favorite brand what they are doing to source natural fibers for their products.

Don't know how? Here's some help:

(Tag a clothing brand) , the #NatureForLife Hub 2021 is looking at how we can transform our global fiber system production, what are you doing to source natural fibers in your products? Let us know what you are doing to pursue #NatureForLife.





Scaling up investment for nature-based climate solutions

Ask your bank for financial transparency for their impact on nature.

Don't know how? Here's some help:

The #NatureForLife Hub 2021 is exploring transforming our financial transparency, (Tag a financial institution or corporation), do you know your financial impact on nature?  Let us know what you are doing to pursue #NatureForLife.





The Equator Initiative

The Equator Initiative provides opportunities for indigenous peoples and local communities around the world to address the challenges of land degradation, biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in a socially equitable manner.


Nature4Climate promotes the critical role that nature plays in restoring balance to our climate. Founded in 2017 to raise the profile of nature-based solutions, and drive increased action and investment in natural climate solutions.

Leaders’ Pledge 4 Nature

Political leaders participating in the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity in September 2020, representing 88 countries from all regions, and the European Union, have committed to reversing biodiversity loss by 2030.

UN Biodiversity Lab

The UN Biodiversity Lab provides access to global public data on people and planet in new ways to empower governments and stakeholders to take action. UNBL is a platform for using state-of-the-art spatial data to generate insight and impact for conservation and sustainable development.

Mobile Film Festival: Making Peace with Nature

Founded in 2005, the Mobile Film Festival is an annual, international Festival of short-length movies, based on a simple principle: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

In case you missed it: The Nature for Life Hub 2020

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