Mapping Nature for People and Planet in Uganda: Second Workshop

How can we use spatial data to identify Essential Life Support Areas where nature-based actions can deliver on national priorities for biodiversity, climate, and sustainable development? In this second virtual international workshop, decision-makers and spatial data experts from Uganda will work with an international team to explore the science behind ELSA mapping and co-create the final ELSA map for the country.

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45 participants expected


23 November - 3 December 2020

Two-hour sessions

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Language: English
Course type: Virtual workshop

Workshop overview

We are excited to welcome you to the workshop! This virtual meeting room will enable you to:

  • Download background information and key documents for the workshop
  • Access the link to join all workshop sessions on Zoom
  • Watch the video recordings of each session
  • Engage with other participants via a forum
  • Continue discussions and peer-exchange after the workshop is over

Learn how about key features of this page and how you can enhance your workshop experience by watching this short tutorial .

We will meet throughout the virtual workshop using Zoom. All sessions will take place at the same link. Click here to join.

Workshop objectives

  • Introduce and explore the principles and applications of Systematic Conservation Planning, the science used to map Uganda's ELSAs.
  • Use PrioritizR and understand how to use the R code to run Systematic Conservation Planning analyses in Uganda.
  • Co-develop and review the Essential Life Support Areas map of Uganda with national and international experts.
  • Identify data for monitoring progress on Uganda's Essential Life Support Areas.

Important documents

Mapping Nature for People and Planet in Uganda - Inception Workshop Report

Workshop content

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Emmanuel Isabirye

I’m learning a lot and I am very much impressed with the delivery of the Workshop content. Thank you Marion, Norma Serra and the rest of the exceptional team

Last edited 1 year ago by Emmanuel Isabirye
Lea Phillips

I’m so interested to learn more during this workshop!


Yes so am I!