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Peer-to-peer workshop | 27 October 2021: Escazu Agreement across States and UN agencies

This session aimed to contribute to an enhanced understanding among State actors and UN agencies of the content and strategies to implement the Escazu Agreement including identifying key elements of a common narrative and high level messages that UN agencies can use to support Latin American and Caribbean countries to implement the Escazú Agreement and to advocate for its ratification in countries which have not done so yet.

This workshop had a limited number of participants to fully enable vivid peer-to-peer exchange and learning with people with experience relevant to the implementation of the Escazu Agreement. The roundtable part of the session featured presentations from technical experts. The workshop part of the session following the presentations was held under the Chatham House Rules.

This session took place on 27 October 2021, at 10 am Eastern Time/4 pm Central European Time.

The recording of the roundtable part of the session is available below.