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Legal Preparedness for Implementing NBSAPs Webinar 1: Protected Areas, Law and Governance

 Languages: English
 Date Conducted: 9 March 2017
 Video Length: 1:33:14
 Course Type: Webinar Series

Understanding the notion of “governance” is a key prerequisite to developing and implementing an effective and equitable protected area legal framework. The concept is also of key relevance to practitioners that are developing and implementing NBSAP strategies and actions related to protected areas. During this webinar, the speaker provides a broad introduction to the concept of governance in the context of protected areas. He canvases five main issues: (1) the concept of governance, (2) legal factors influencing protected areas governance, (3) relevant international laws and policies, (4) protected area governance types, and (5) linkages between governance and other generic legal elements found in protected areas legislation.