Using National Spatial Data Platforms to Guide Policies on Nature

Are you interested in learning how nature-based policies can be guided by national repositories of spatial data? Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Peru, each have a national spatial data platform used to monitor and report on biodiversity status and the effectiveness of measures to conserve it. These platforms are also used by decision-makers to design data-informed policies. Each speaker described how they used these national platforms and data to help develop their 6NR. They also explored how spatial data are helping their country monitor its progress to achieve the ABTs.

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 Languages: English
 Date Conducted: 28 May 2019
 Video Length: 1:34:31
 Course Type: Stand-alone Webinars



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Stand-alone webinar
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Ayomide Oluwatuyi

Thanks for the lecture so far. I enjoyed them. My questions are for all the presenters. Please may I know the software used to process the images. And what is probably the best software to process biodiversity loss images

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Ayomide,
One way to access spatial data and use the satellite images on the UN Biodiversity Lab here: or to learn more please enroll in the “Using spatial data for biodiversity” micro-course here: