Sustainable consumption and production

This course introduces the concept of sustainable consumption and production (SCP). It also describes how to integrate SCP concepts into conservation and development planning and management processes, such as those associated with National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) and UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Welcome to this module on sustainable consumption and production (SCP). SCP is an approach to limit the environmental degradation caused by the production and use of goods and services. SCP requires that production practices become more efficient, use fewer resources, and generate less pollution and waste. To achieve SCP, production sectors, business, governments, communities, and individuals all need to work together to meet the needs of society in an environmentally sustainable way.

The goal of the module is to help you understand the concept of SCP in the context of national conservation and development planning and management processes, such as those associated with National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are four lessons in this module. Each lesson takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The entire module should take three hours to complete. Click on the appropriate lesson button below to start the module. Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled in your browser.

Course Completion Requirements

Please note that the online lessons and the course survey are required to receive the course certificate.

The content of this self-paced e-learning module was used during the Massive Open Online Course “Greening Consumption and Production”, which took place in May – July 2017. View the course report below.


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I have picked up lots of insight into what I takes to ensure the resources that we have are more sustainable in terms of production all the way to consumption and in between and how exactly it impacts business and country to country relations as well as how from policy making to implementation each piece fits in its place.

Mohammad Daud Massoudy

really a comprehensive course

Pathmasiri Karunarathne

very comprehensive course. Thanks for organizers.


Bonjour je n’arrive pas à trouver où télécharger mon certificat or j’ai fin les leçons et le sondage. Merci


Bonjour!je n’arrive pas a trouver comment télécharger mon certificat. J’ai fini les leçons et le sondage. Merci

Jean bosco

thanks vikitoria. for correcting my certificate. thanks also to all your team


Very useful and impacful content

Jean bosco

okay i like concepts


It is very imperative or crucial project.


Very Good