Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains: A Tool to Support Achievement of Aichi Biodiversity Target 4

This webinar provides an overview of the Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains (SCSC) approach. It explores how to use commodities, sustainability goals, stakeholders and SCSC to improve conservation outcomes. The session discusses ways of incorporating SCSC into NBSAP planning and implementation.
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 Languages: English
 Date Conducted: 14 October 2015 
 Video Length: 1:17:20
 Course Type: Stand-alone Webinars


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Stand-alone webinar

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How to get this course certificate ?

Патрик Fernàndez

Hi Mohammed,

Unfortunately, this webinar does not issue certificates.

For courses that offer certificates, please check our course catalog from Offerings -> Courses in the header. Courses that offer certificates would have a certificate ribbon indicated on the tiles.

Thank you for your interest.