Management planning

This module covers aspects related to management planning, including instructions on how to integrate climate change adaptation into management plans. This module forms part of the curriculum of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA Goal 1.4).
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Protected areas now cover around 14 percent of the world’s land surface. Planning and managing resources within these areas will be critical if protected areas are to continue providing an array of ecological, social and economic benefits and services.

In recognition of the central role of planning in protected area management, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has stressed the need for up-to-date management plans in its Programme of Work on Protected Areas. However, less than a third of protected areas worldwide currently have management plans.

Learner Objectives

This module aims to provide a range of practical tools and exemplary best practices that can help managers develop a streamlined approach to management planning.

Course Completion Requirements

Please note that the online lessons and the course survey are required to receive the course certificate.

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Harouna Mahamat

I am called Harouna Mahamat from Cameroon. MA in linguistics, BA in Global Governance. Thank you so much for counting me among the beneficiaries of these free courses. I have learned a lot.


I’m Abdulrahman Eshaq, from Yemen, I have received petroleum Engineering Bachelor from Al-Baath University, Syria in 2001.
Currently, I’m working as a projects manager at contractor company.
I’m pleased to be a member of this course.



Julie Kapuvari

Hola Elias,
¡Felicidades! Su certificado ya está disponible en la sala de cursos. Utilice el botón azul “Descargar su certificado” en la página de arriba para descargarlo.

Johnny Wealar

I am Johnny Wealar, I am a Liberian. I am presently working in the conservation sector of Liberia. I obtained a bachelor of science degree in General Forestry from the University of Liberia in 2017. I am gratified as being a member of this course.

Mukesh Kumar

Hello, I am facing one issue. My course completion certificate is not showing my Certificate Credentials ID. The option to paste the ID [email protected]#5BBXM12211 was missing from the last survey completion page. Please Help Me!

Merci pour ce cour.
Le certificat, vous m’envoyez, ce n’est pas ce du cour de planification de la gestion, c’est ce du cour de comprendre la résilience, et mon nom n’est pas complet.
Puis-je vérifier et porter les rectifications pour moi.

Merci pour votre compréhension.

Joseph B. Koryon

I am so glad to have been part of this course learning.

Pawan Kumar Pandey

Hii… Learning for Nature!!
Thanks a lot for this course. It was quite interactive and full of knowledge. I got my course completion certificate but I am not able to understand the language used on the certificate, can I get the certificate in English language. Also I am not able to find the Certificate Credentials ID on this. It would you be very kind, if you could help me with this issue? Thank you once again!


The Management Planning content doesn’t seem to be working currently? I can’t log in, although other courses seem to work ok

Julie Kapuvari

Thank you for your comment. Are you still facing difficulties with accessing the course? It is possible that you may need to download flash player. Please let me know by email [email protected] if you still need assistance.


Ce cours m’interesse deja meme avant le contenu en voyant seulement le titre

Julie Kapuvari

Bonjour Anicet,
Je vous remercie de votre question. Le cours se déroule à votre propre rythme, donc vous pouvez commencer le cours quand vous le voulez.