Protected area integration

This module covers aspects related to integrating protected areas into the wider landscape, seascape and strategies, including the development of conservation corridors, and mainstreaming protected areas into other sectors. This module forms part of the curriculum of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA Goal 1.2).

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Protected areas are often viewed as islands of biodiversity — they are managed as isolated units, separate from the surrounding landscape and seascape. In addition, other sectors, such as agriculture, forestry and land-use planning, rarely take into account the goals of protected areas. As a result, protected areas are increasingly isolated within a fragmented landscape, and are managed in complete isolation from other economic and natural resource sectors. Isolated and fragmented protected areas will be less able to provide the ecosystem services upon which humans depend, and to provide a natural buffer against a changing climate. Clearly, protected areas alone are not sufficient to safeguard natural and human communities in the future; we need to have a broader strategy that integrates protected areas into the wider landscape and seascape, as well as into sectoral plans and strategies.

Learner Objectives

The objective of this module is to provide you with an overview of the process for integrating protected areas into the wider landscape and seascape, and into sectoral plans and strategies.

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