Climate change

This module provides recommendations and guidelines for incorporating climate change aspects into protected area design and management, and highlights the role that protected areas can play in climate mitigation and adaptation. This module forms part of the curriculum of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas.
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Protected areas cover a significant percentage of the world’s terrestrial surface, encompassing an area the size of Russia, India Afghanistan and Portugal combined. If we account for all of the community conserved areas and other types of informal conservation, the global protected area estate would be nearly double that. This is the largest deliberate land use in the world. For this reason, protected areas have a critical role to play as part of a global response to address climate change.

There are a number of well-recognized reasons why protected areas are a viable solution to climate change, but two of the most important are that protected areas mitigate carbon emissions and enable human and natural communities to adapt to climate change. Despite the obvious role that protected areas can play in addressing climate change, few protected area managers or policy makers have fully recognized this role.

Learner Objectives

The goal of this module is to provide a set of recommendations and guidelines for incorporating climate change aspects into every facet of protected area design and management, and highlights the clear role that protected areas can play in climate mitigation and adaptation.

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Phillip Gosetsemang

I trust that everyone is well, I am starting the course now and I hope it would be of great value to me

Vishal Chettry

It was one of the best MOOCs I attended so far. Thanks a lot, team for such a wonderful course.

Ruth Estefany Quispe Pilco

Muchas gracias! Logre terminar el curso y definitivamente me servirá para los proyectos de conservación que estoy planificando en zonas andinas del Perú.


Wow! The translation for this course was so good that I didn’t even realize that this course was originally in French! My apologies for not answering the survey question about that. Translation gets A++! A lot was new to me, especially the severity and complexity of the ramifications of climate change, I will recommend it to my associates. The certificate design needs some work though, I attach mine as an example, otherwise a great course.

In future iterations it would be really interesting to see more real world examples of how PAs are being better adapted to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and are serving as an important part of human adaptation strategy.

A lot of the remedial work may serve as exemplars for other places.

Julie Kapuvari

Dear @Charles,

Thank you so much for your kind compliments and for the suggestions. We are so happy that you enjoyed the course! We are lucky to have a great multi-lingual team. If you would like to download your certificate in English, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

Jahswill o

Please what can I do it keep show me that I need to use flash play 8.0 above I tried it but it’s still not working

Julie Kapuvari

Dear @Jahswill o,

Thank you for your comment. Are you still experiencing a problem with accessing the course content?


Where is this course?


The certificate does not look perfect as it missing signatures and serial numbers.

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Ram Teja,

Thank you for your comment. The certificates of self-paced courses do not have signatures. If you are interested in a signed certificate, you must complete a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Right now, we are conducting the “Designing a Multidimensional Poverty Index” MOOC until April 17th, 2020.


Then it seems certificate without signature like course without content except heading. However learned some points that will helps me to check my knowledge. I am not encouraging this platform to colleagues and friends due to worthless certificate options.


Buen dia a Todqs, comenzando el curso!


Hi,I’m glad to be here. I love learning.


J’ai fini le cours sur le Changement Climatique. Quelqu’un peut bien aider à savoir comment télécharger le certificat. L’onglet téléchargez votre certificat ne s’affiche pas; Merci d’avance