Appropriate technology

This module covers aspects related to appropriate technology, including the use of GIS and remote sensing. This module forms part of the curriculum of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA Goal 3.3).

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Technology is a fundamental part of our every day lives, whether it is making a telephone call, traveling to a meeting, or typing a report. The same holds true for protected area design, management and assessment —there is a wide range of technologies that can help improve nearly every aspect of protected area management.

Over the past decade, technologies for protected areas has become increasingly sophisticated, including the use of computers, software, remotely-sensed data, global positioning systems (GPS), digital cameras and other types of equipment and data. Such technologies can play a key role in protected area management, but in many places, these technologies are not widely available, are too expensive, or are too difficult to use.

Learner Objectives

The goal of this module is to provide you with an overview of appropriate technology and its relationship to protected area planning, management, assessment and monitoring.

Course Completion Requirements

Please note that the online lessons and the course survey are required to receive the course certificate.

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Nelson Salomón Vásquez Elías

Muy buen curso introductorio sobre tecnología adecuada, me agrado mucho la simplicidad de los conceptos y la forma de ejemplificar.


It’s showing page not found


I got the link to download the certificate but it not downloading for this course.


Hello, my name is Altantogos Myagmar.
I completed this course. But I did not received my online certificate.
How can I get certificate?
Please help me.

Melissa Søvik

Hello Altanogos! Thank you for commenting. You will be able to download the certificate on the front page, by clicking the button “Download the certificate”.


it good knowledge