The companies getting it wrong on deforestation: Findings from the 2019 Forest 500 report

The Forest 500 2019 annual report finds that despite ambitious commitments to end deforestation in agricultural commodity supply chains by 2020, the lack of any action by almost half of the most influential companies and financial institutions in forest-risk supply chains is preventing sector-wide change. Learn more about the findings from this report and why company action is essential to achieving global forest protection in this interview with Sarah Rogerson from the Global Canopy Programme.

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 Languages: English   Type: Podcast  Duration: 09mins 18secs

Download the Forest 500 2019 annual report here

About the Learning for Nature Podcast Series

The Learning for Nature podcast features conversations with Indigenous peoples and local communities that demonstrate exceptional achievements in promoting nature-based solutions for sustainable development. LfN’s podcasts are also available for streaming on multiple platforms, including Anchor, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more.

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estiven posso barona

buena noche. es muy importante la labor de que las empresas y el sector financiero tomen conciencia de los suministros que usan en la cadena de producción para evitar la deforestación. pero como bien se evidencia solo la mitad cumple con los compromisos para el tema de la deforestación, se evidencia que en estos momentos se va, lentamente trabajando para contribuir con el medio ambiente, por lo cual se debe trabajar con los legisladores para que se imparten directrices claras para la conservación del medio ambiente.

Su Thandar

how to get the report?

Enrique Alcántara

Hi Su,

The report link is under the podcast playbox: “Download the Forest 500 2019 annual report here”

You can also find a link on the description of the podcast (top blue area), under the name of the podcast. Click “The Forest 500 2019 annual report” to download it.




Luis gaston

verry goood podcast!!!!
I want to now , how to get te resport in pdf, it that possible ?