Nature Transitions Support Programme – Webinars and workshops: Ecuador

Supporting partner countries in developing a roadmap for economic transformation for nature and people.

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Language: English, Spanish
Type: Hybrid event (virtual/in-person)

Project Summary

The Nature Transition Support Programme (NTSP) is funded by the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) through the Global Centre on Biodiversity for Climate (GCBC). The NTSP builds on the recommendations of the Dasgupta Review and aims to support partner countries to develop and adopt country-specific actions to integrate their economies into nature. 

The NTSP combines in-country expertise and political leadership with international research partners and policy makers, to generate the case for an economic transition that enhances prosperity for current and future generations and a healthy natural environment.  

This platform presents relevant information, knowledge and documentation related to the Programme, for national stakeholders.  

Partner countries

Colombia, Ecuador


Webinar: What does positive economic transformation imply for nature and people? According to the Dasgupta Review. April 2023


The goal of this webinar is to broaden and deepen the Dasgupta Review and its recommendations for positive economic transformation for nature and people. It also aims at exploring the potential contribution of the NTSP to international environmental commitments such as the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement, as well as to national environmental policies.


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Online Workshop: Tools and analysis to support positive economic transformation for nature and people. Apr 19, 2023


This online workshop plans to showcase and share some of the tools and initiatives that could potentially be used for the economic transformation required under the Nature Transition Support Programme.


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Key resources

1. The Dasgupta Review 

all versions in English and Headline Messages in Spanish 

2. Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure - ENCORE   

“ENCORE is a tool to help users better understand and visualise the impact of environmental change on the economy. By focusing on the goods and services that nature provides to enable economic production, it guides users to understand how businesses in all sectors of the economy may depend on and impact nature, and how these dependencies and potential impacts may represent a business risk.” (ENCORE, 2023). 

3. Essential Life Support Areas -  ELSAs

“UNDP works with partners to harness advances in information and communication technologies, as well as cutting-edge science, to strengthen the capacity of policymakers to better manage their natural resources for people and the planet. Working together with an expert scientific advisory group and selected pilot countries, we build on the UN Biodiversity Lab to help countries use spatial data to identify ELSAs.” (UNDP, 2023). 

4. The Economic Case for Nature  

“It establishes the economic rationale for investing in nature and recognises how economies depend on nature for services that are largely underpriced. This report presents a unique integrated ecosystem and economic modelling exercise to assess economic policy responses to the global biodiversity crisis. By modelling the interaction between nature's services and the global economy by 2030, the report points to a variety and mix of policy scenarios available to reduce the impact of nature's loss on economies. This modelling framework represents an important step towards 'nature-smart' decision making, as it seeks to support policy makers facing complex trade-offs involving the management of natural capital and thereby achieve resilient and inclusive growth.” (World Bank, 2021). 

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