Mapping Nature for People and Planet – Costa Rica

Course type: Webinar
Languages: English
Dates: 18 January 2022
Sessions: 1 session
Commitment: 58 min

In partnership with the Talent Acquisition and People Programme & Talent Development unit of UNDP, Learning for Nature is pleased to offer a webinar recording highlighting real life examples of the use of spatial data as an integrator across sectors in Costa Rica. The course is aimed at junior professionals from the United Nations, but is open to anyone.

The webinar showcases UNDP's work in Costa Rica to use spatial data to map biodiversity, with a focus on project management challenges and results from two premier initiatives.

The project “Mapping Nature for People and Planet” enables governments to put nature at the heart of land use and development planning. It is a unique example of how one project can support a variety of SDGs and serve as an integrator in the UN system. The Monitoring of Land Use and Land Cover Change in Productive Landscapes (MOCUPP) system is a powerful tool that accurately records changes in land use and land cover and identifies deforestation processes associated with agricultural dynamics in the country. Together, they provide innovative approaches to use spatial data for action across sectors.

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