Gender equality, women’s empowerment and leadership in the context of national biodiversity planning and reporting

Gender equality, women’s empowerment, and biodiversity conservation are central issues to the international conservation and sustainable development agendas. This module will provide you with tools to improve conservation outcomes by engaging women, as well as men, as central actors during the development and implementation of National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs).

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Languages: EN | FR | SP Estimated effort: 3 hours
 Course type: Self-paced e-learning module Partners: UNDP Gender TeamConvention on Biological Diversity, NBSAP Forum

Course overview

This course consists of two lessons that are designed to help you improve conservation outcomes by integrating gender equality and women’s empowerment approaches during NBSAP development and implementation. It emphasizes the positive impacts that supporting women’s empowerment and leadership action can have on biodiversity conservation outcomes.

  • Lesson 1, Promoting Gender Equality, and Women’s Empowerment through Biodiversity Conservation, introduces you to the central role that women can play in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. You will also learn how the concepts of gender equality, women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming are integrated into global biodiversity policy frameworks and international commitments. The lesson concludes by exploring the positive impacts of engaging women and women’s groups as agents of change in the development and implementation of NBSAPs.
  • Lesson 2, Entry Points to Strengthen Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Leadership During NBSAP Planning and Implementation, will introduce you to the positive impacts of engaging women in biodiversity conservation activities. You will also explore entry points to facilitate women’s empowerment and leadership during NBSAP implementation using case studies of small-scale conservation and sustainable development projects.

This course is designed for policymakers and planners who work on the design and implementation of NBSAPs. Organizations and groups with an interest in biodiversity conservation, or anyone wishing to learn more about women’s empowerment, gender equality and biodiversity, are also encouraged to take the course.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Identify opportunities for women’s leadership during NBSAP development and implementation
  • Learn about methods to overcome barriers to women’s effective participation in conservation planning and reporting
  • Identify strategies that strengthen institutional capacity to address gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Identify measures that enhance biodiversity outcomes by addressing issues of gender equality

Please note that the online lessons and the course survey are required to receive the course certificate.

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Course Includes

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Ingrid Sabja

Many thanks to E-Learning for this opportunity

Maria soledad Tomas Martin

buenos días no puedo descargar mi certificado me lo podrían enviar por mail. Este inconveniente lo tuve en otros cursos la frase que me aparece es que el acceso a la pagina esta bloqueada
aguardo comentarios

Ratih Widyaningsih

why on my certificate, my name is written below, as well as the date, thus covering Greg Radford’s position and also the name of the course he is taking? can I get a certificate well written?


I already added my last name to my profile, before downloading the certificate. However, the certificate still only mentions my first name. What needs to be done to change this?

Yesewzer Nigatu

I appreciate your course By educating the Ethiopian people about the equality of women mentioned in Advertisement 1 and demonstrating their acceptance of change and ways.
Explaining that they can be the door to all opportunities by opening up and empowering women with a little bit of encouragement is a top priority.

In order to achieve the equal opportunities for women mentioned in Advertising 2, in the near future, all women will be able to achieve a broader and more competent line of knowledge than expected.
We can create a leader who can do a lot of work, who can lead a lot of work better, and who can be finished by being a woman who is clearly honest Good day. Please assist, i keep on getting certificate

Yesewzer Nigatu

First of all, I am very happy with this training
I hope it will be an equitable training and I wish you all the best Very informative course about gender and ecosystem.

Ankur Thakor

How to change name on the certificate?

Mark Gono

Many thanks to E-Learning for this opportunities.

Maria del Pilar Becerra-Cardona

un curso bastante claro y muy útil. Gracias a los organizadores del curso.


I appreciate ur course and ready to gain another skills from ur platform.

Icel Jose Aguilar

Saludos agradecimiento para todos los organizadores por este cursos que para mi es de gran relevancia por las situaciones que estamos viviendo,creo si se trabajamos en forma informado tendremos mas éxito. Así tener personas que esta interesados hacer pequeños cambio desde nuestra comunidad podremos ir logrando, y que este se haga masivo esta divulgación. Gracias