Biodiversity Indicators: Tips and Information Sources

In this webinar, Dr. Robert Höft (CBD), and Philip Bubb (WCMC) provided tips and information sources on biodiversity indicators to improve your Sixth National Report (6NR). They explained how to select and develop indicators using national and global data sources, and how to effectively present the results. You had the opportunity to work with global experts to resolve your challenges related to using the indicators in your NBSAP to develop your 6NR. The webinar also briefly introduced the resources developed by the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (BIP) to support national indicator development.

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 Languages: English | French | Spanish
 Date Conducted: 19 June 2018
 Video Length: 1:08:25
 Course Type: Stand-alone Webinars


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Stand-alone webinar
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Jérémie Isungu

J’avais tellement l’envie de ce cours heureusement je viens de le trouver