Biodiversity Finance

This course will provide you with the tools to assess the policy, institutional, and economic context for biodiversity finance; conduct a financial needs assessment to achieve a country’s biodiversity goals; and develop a biodiversity finance plan that identifies the most suitable finance solutions. It will teach you how to develop financially sound and politically feasible biodiversity finance plans. The course is aimed at conservation planning and biodiversity finance practitioners and policymakers, but is open to anyone.

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Estimated effort: 14 hours/all course requirements
 Languages: English | French | Spanish | Russian
 Course type: Self-paced e-learning module

Do you need to make a stronger business case for biodiversity conservation? Do you want to become more skilled at developing financially sound and politically feasible solutions to conservation and development challenges? Do you need to know how to develop an effective biodiversity finance plan? Do you want access to more tools to assess the policy, institutional, and economic context for biodiversity finance, and to conduct a financial needs assessment to achieve a country’s biodiversity goals? We are offering a FREE self-paced course on Biodiversity Finance.

The content of this self-paced e-learning module was used during the Massive Open Online Course “Biodiversity Finance”, which took place on 15 April – 31 May 2019. View the course report below.



Course highlights and outcomes:

  • Gain an overview of key issues related to biodiversity finance
  • Receive a certificate of completion from premier development institutions
  • Take a deep dive into rich online lessons, webinars, assignments, and finance solutions

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to biodiversity and sustainable development
  • Introduction to biodiversity finance
  • Biodiversity finance policy and institutional review
  • Biodiversity expenditure review
  • Biodiversity financial needs assessment
  • Biodiversity finance plan
  • Implementing the biodiversity finance plan

Learning objectives:

By the time the course is completed, you will be able to:

  • Assess the policy, institutional, and economic context for biodiversity finance
  • Conduct a financial needs assessment to achieve a country’s biodiversity goals
  • Develop a biodiversity finance plan for most suitable finance solutions

Course completion requirements:

In order to receive the certificate of course completion, participants must complete:

  • Six lessons
  • Six weekly quizzes with a score of 60% or higher
  • Final test
  • Course survey

The course room also contains optional components, such as homework assignments, webinar recordings, biodiversity finance solutions, discussion forums and additional resources. These components are not required for receiving the course completion certificate.

In order for our site to issue the certificate, all the required activities must be marked with green checkmarks. Once each required activity in your course room contains a green checkmark, the certificate will be automatically generated and will become available for download in PDF format directly from this page.

Please note that starting on 1 July 2019 the forums of this course are not monitored by the Learning for Nature team. The forums are available for participants to interact with each other and exchange expertise.

Click “Enroll” to register and view the course content . If you have any questions, please contact us at  [email protected].

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Course Includes

  • 7 Modules
  • 40 Activities
  • 7 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate
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ahlem arfaoui

as i complete all the quiz and the final test when i can get my certificate

Julie Kapuvari

Dear @ahlem arfaoui
Congratulations for completing the course! Scroll up to the main page of this course and you will see a large blue button that says DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE.


Moderator @Heeyun Kim kapuvari as I completed all requisite assignment and can you reply when I got certificate of this course (biodiversity finance)

Julie Kapuvari

Dear @rajar12345

Congratulations on completing the course! You may download your certificate at this home page. You will see a blue button next to the Course Content that says “DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE.” Please check that you have green check marks next to each module in this course. If you still cannot find this button, please email us at [email protected]


How to get certificate

Julie Kapuvari

Hi Rajat,
After you complete all of the requirements you should see that all the sections have green checkmarks next to them. Then, please click the large blue “DOWNLOAD YOUR CERTIFICATE” button on this page. Please let me know if this works!

Duncan Farquhar

Hi All, Just starting now. Is there anyone else out there?

Cristian Desmarchelier

Thanks for the experience! Really helpful

Phillip Gosetsemang

World class content. I appreciate how the course was packaged. Looking forward to enroll for more.

Izhar Ullah

Awesome learning experience

Refica Attwood

This was an awesome learning experience

Samuel Oluyemi

Hello, I must say a Big Thank you for making this course available. I just completed the self-paced course, and thankfully I got my certificate. But, quite unfortunately the certificate carries only my First name omitting my last name. what can be done about that please?

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Samuel,
The reason the certificate only shows your first name is that you only put your first name in your profile. I have edited your profile to include your last name for you. Please redownload your certificate now. Thank you.

Milan Raj Nepali

Others people get the certificate with authorized signature but I didn’t. Please give my certificate with authorized signature.
Thank you.

Julie Kapuvari

Dear Milan,
Thank you for your comment. The reason that others received certificates with signatures is they enrolled in the Massive Open Online course and completed their course deliverables within a tight time frame. Now that this is a self-paced course, the certificates do not contain signatures. Thank you for being part of the LfN community and let me know if you have any other questions.


Mam ,can you tell when I get certificate for this course ,as I completed all pre requisite requirements of this course.please help me asap

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