GEF Early Action Support Webinar Series – Webinar #1: Biodiversity Finance – An introduction to the UNDP BIOFIN methodology

In this first webinar of the GEF Global Biodiversity Framework Early Action Support Project, countries received an overview of the BIOFIN Methodology and guidance on how to plan their work under component 4 of the GEF Early Action Support Project.


 Course type: Stand-alone webinar
 Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian
Dates: 12/13 April 2023 (English). Click on your preferred language above to view the schedule in other languages.
Sessions: 1 session
Commitment: 60 min
 Partners: The Biodiversity Finance Initiative, United Nations Development Programme

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Access the full set of recordings for the Early Action Support Project on the NBSAP Forum here.

In this webinar, the  UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) provided guidance on how countries can plan their actions around biodiversity finance during this project. Participants were also oriented to the BIOFIN approach.  

Linkages between this project and future biodiversity finance work under the GEF 8 project cycle were also discussed. Participants had the opportunity to engage with the UNDP BIOFIN Global Team, explore the available technical support, and ask questions about implementation of this  project component.

Webinar objectives

This webinar:

  • Explained the BIOFIN approach and methodology.
  • Provided guidance on how countries can plan actions around biodiversity finance during the EAS project.
  • Provided guidance on the connection between the EAS project and the new GEF Umbrella Program on National Biodiversity Finance Plans.


The webinar was offered in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Russian. Webinar recordings are available in the Course Content section on this page.

Webinar agenda

Length  Presentation Presenter
5 min Welcome and logistics 
  • English: Casandra Llosa (UNDP)
  • Spanish: Casandra Llosa (UNDP)
  • French: Marion Marigo (UNDP)
  • Russian: Alina Klimantovych (UNDP)
10 min Introduction to webinar series
  • English: Christina Supples (UNDP)
  • Spanish: Casandra Llosa (UNDP)
  • French: Marion Marigo (UNDP)
  • Russian: Alina Klimantovych (UNDP)
30 min BIOFIN under GEF-EAS project 
  • English: Andy Seidl (BIOFIN)
  • Spanish: Mariana Bellot/Ana Lucia Orozco (BIOFIN)
  • French: Pierre Lanfranco (BIOFIN)
  • Russian: Ainur Shalakhanova (BIOFIN)
15 min Q&A and closing
  • BIOFIN experts


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Course Includes

  • 2 Modules
  • 8 Activities

Andrew Seidl (English session)

Senior Technical Advisor

Andy’s role in BIOFIN includes national technical support to Belize, Brazil, Cambodia, Ecuador, Mozambique, and Vietnam, and global technical support in economic valuation, natural capital accounting, finance and policy analysis. He has been Professor & Public Policy Specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University since 1997.  From 2009-12, he was Head, Global Economics Programme, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), based in Switzerland. He has also worked as a researcher for the Brazilian government in the Pantanal (CPAP-EMBRAPA) and as a tropical commodity analyst for the FAO in Rome, Italy. Dr. Seidl holds a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from the University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida, USA.

Mariana Bellot (Spanish session)

Senior Technical Advisor

Mariana is a BIOFIN Senior Technical Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean. She has over 20 years of experience working on biodiversity policy and finance issues. She was formerly National Coordinator for BIOFIN Mexico and worked for several environmental agencies in the Mexican Government. She has extensive experience on a wide range of issues related to biodiversity conservation, protected area finance, ecosystem services, ecosystem-based adaptation, and has closely worked with international organizations such as UNDP, WB, GEF, GIZ, KFW and AFD. Mariana holds a Masters Degree on Environmental Policy and Development Studies from the University of Sussex.

Ana Lucía Orozco Rubio (Spanish session)

Environmental Finance Analyst

Ana Lucía Orozco Rubio (Costa Rica, Guatemala) joined the BIOFIN Global Team as Environmental Finance Analyst for the LAC Region.  Prior to this post, she worked as the BIOFIN Coordinator in Costa Rica from late 2019 until January 2023. She has more than 18 years of experience in Sustainable Development, served as Program Officer for Energy and Environment at UNDP Guatemala, Biodiversity and Adaptation based on Ecosystem Specialist for UNDP Costa Rica. She has specialized in developing public policy, national reports and finance mechanisms for biodiversity, with a special emphasis on inclusive instruments for indigenous people and women´s economic empowerment. Ana Lucía holds a master’s degree in Biodiversity Management from the University of Barcelona-International Superior Studies Center (IUSC), and multiple certifications on SDG Finance, Green Bonds (CBI), and Regenerative Economy (SVX).

Pierre Lanfranco (French session)

Global Technical Environmental Finance Analyst

Pierre Lanfranco (France) joined BIOFIN Global Team in 2020 to support the implementation of the BIOFIN methodology at the national level (mainly in Rwanda, Uganda, Niger, Gabon, South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar, Bhutan) and support the Global programme’s management. Based in Istanbul, Türkiye. Pierre has almost 6 years of professional experience in project management in developing countries, thanks to his previous missions as Project Manager in a consultancy firm and as Investment Officer at the French Development Agency (AFD) in Zimbabwe. Before joining UNDP, he mainly worked on issues relating to biodiversity, agriculture and public finance management.

Ainur Shalakhanova (Russian session)

Environmental Finance Analyst

Ainur Shalakhanova (Kazakhstan) joins the BIOFIN Global team as an Environmental Finance Analyst for the Asia and Pacific Region. She provides technical support and undertakes reviews and impact monitoring of BIOFIN methodological outputs and processes; support the Technical Advisors in assisting National BIOFIN teams in identifying, developing and implementing the right mix of finance solutions, designing and reviewing finance solution proposals and other technical documents. Prior to this role, Ainur worked with BIOFIN Kazakhstan team for over seven years as the Resource mobilization and finance solutions implementation expert. She has led the work on the introduction of positive subsidies in wildlife and certification system in ecotourism. Ainur analysed the public and private expenditures on biodiversity in Kazakhstan, estimated the financial needs for implementation of National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and took a part in development of Biodiversity Finance Plan. She also was responsible for preparation of Kazakhstani 6th National Report on Biodiversity. Ainur holds a bachelor’s degree in Hydrogeology at the Kazakh National Technical University and master’s degree in Finance and Investment at University of Essex.