Appropriate Technology for Protected Areas

Technology is a fundamental part of our everyday lives, whether it is making a telephone call, traveling to a meeting, or typing a report. The same holds true for protected area design, management and assessment — there is a wide range of technologies that can help improve nearly every aspect of protected area management. Over the past decade, technologies for protected areas has become increasingly sophisticated, including the use of computers, software, remotely-sensed data, global positioning systems (GPS), digital cameras, drones and other types of equipment and data. This webinar explores how technologies play a key role in protected area management, although in many places, these technologies are not widely available, are too expensive, or are too difficult to use.

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 Languages: English
 Date Conducted: 13 July 2016 
 Video Length: 1:16:50 
 Course Type: Stand-alone Webinars

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Great knowledge


Thank you for allowing me to join the conversation. Appropriate technology is the only way to the future. We have lived in an ecohouse in the city for 25 years that uses a composting, water-free toilet. We have saved 5,000,000 L of drinking water so far. It is a paradox that in the 21 century , in an educated world, city dwellers still use drinking water for flushing toilets. It must be & will be banned. it is a beautiful form of appropriate technology, saving 200,000 L/yr & producing lots of good soil so we do not need to rely on artificial fertilizers!!!

Alphonse Daudet

Il est certainement vrais que au niveau mondial la technologie de recherche et monitoring a pris un empleur positif, nous devons le reconnaitre, mais pas pour tout les aires protegers …