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    Gender and mining governance

    In this course, you will learn how to foster women’s equal engagement in mining projects, how to take action to eliminate gender-based violence in affected communities, and understand how investment in gender equality and women’s leadership in mining governance can lead to stable and resilient communities.
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    Gender equality, women’s empowerment and leadership in the context of national biodiversity planning and reporting

    Gender equality, women’s empowerment, and biodiversity conservation are central issues to the international conservation and sustainable development agendas. This module will provide you with tools to improve conservation outcomes by engaging women, as well as men, as central actors during the development and implementation of National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs).
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    Gender mainstreaming and biodiversity conservation

    In this webinar, Tanya McGregor, the Gender Programme Officer at the CBD Secretariat, explored how the Convention recognizes gender as an essential component of successful biodiversity conservation. Pilar Jacobo, representing Mexicos' National Commission on Protected Areas, described the effectiveness of linking gender and protected areas. Finally, Mrinalini Rai, from the Global Forest Coalition (GFC), shared her experience as Advisor on Indigenous Peoples and Gender.
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    Mining, women’s participation and voice: case studies from Colombia

    Women are often adversely impacted by mining, with problems arising within families and communities related to the lack of women’s decision-making and influence on the use of water and land critical for their livelihoods and the care of their families. In addition to their influence over land and water resources, it is also noted that women’s participation in the economy and ability to participate in political and decision making processes are key factors that may decrease harms or influence access to benefits from mining, affecting social, economic and environmental outcomes.