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    Biodiversity indicators: tips and information sources

    In this webinar, Dr. Robert Höft (CBD), and Philip Bubb (WCMC) provided tips and information sources on biodiversity indicators to improve your Sixth National Report (6NR). They explained how to select and develop indicators using national and global data sources, and how to effectively present the results. You had the opportunity to work with global experts to resolve your challenges related to using the indicators in your NBSAP to develop your 6NR. The webinar also briefly introduced the resources developed by the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (BIP) to support national indicator development.
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    Incorporating targets and indicators into NBSAPs

    This webinar provides an overview of the key concepts that are part of the NBSAP revision process, and presents the 'Biodiversity Indicator Development Framework.' The framework is designed to guide the production of successful indicators, and is based on the experiences of the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership, UNEP-WCMC and their partners. The presenter draws upon examples from NBSAPs and practical experience in developing targets and indicators to showcase lessons learned.
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    Meaningful stakeholder engagement during 6NR development

    In this webinar, Gaya Sriskanthan, Stakeholder Engagement Expert, provides an overview of the Stakeholder Engagement Guidance for the 6NR project. John Scott, focal point for indigenous peoples and local communities at the Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity, and Dr. Yolanda Teran Maigua, Education Coordinator of the Indigenous Women Network on Biodiversity from Latin America and the Caribbean, emphasize the importance of the role of indigenous peoples and local communities as stakeholders.